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Change Your Thinking, Change Our World

The goal of this website it to be instrumental in the education and enlightenment of people that they understand how very powerful their thoughts are.  Our individual thoughts have an impact on our environment, our life and others.  This is a project of helping Heal the Earth and also Save the Children of our World.   Dr. Marion with the help or Spirit, God, Higher Power has created two very specific prayers for this purpose.   If we all listen to the prayers Healing our Earth and Save the Children of our World we will broadcast healing words into the Universe.  These words can make a healing difference.

In our every day world, there may be time that we feel powerless, out of control, or victim to circumstance. Things happen and we just have to figure out how to deal with it. But, what if I told you we do have more control than you might think. Our thoughts, what we believe, can affect the dominoes of our life to fall or not, or fall to the right or to the left.

You may have experienced situations in your life where you may have said, “I just knew that was going to happen.” This could have been regarding a good thing or even a not so good thing. I remember when I my first husband was in Vietnam. Our first anniversary was coming up and he was in Vietnam. In those days without home computers or cell phones, the only way we communicated was by snail mail. Both my parents and my in-laws were trying to have me come over to celebrate our anniversary. To their frustration, I would not commit to anything. I just wanted to stay home. I had this intense feeling that something big was going to happen and I had to be at home, in my tiny apartment, or I would miss it. This big thing felt like my husband was going to knock at the door and say happy anniversary. Although, intellectually I knew this was not going to happen, but still I had this feeling, and I was determined to stick to my gut feelings. Well, the day came and it was around noon and the telephone rang. It was someone from the army calling. They said to please hold. I held and all of a sudden, I heard my husband’s voice wishing me a happy anniversary. It was so exciting. It was exciting to hear him plus to have my gut feelings validated. George let me know how difficult it was for him to get this phone call arranged. It was no small feat. He started to work on setting up this call already a week before. While in the field, away from the city, he was talking on a field radio. I think our call was transferred about six times to different field radios, then to Saigon, on to San Francisco, next to Los Angeles and finally to me. Today I realize that George’s thoughts of wanting to surprise me with this phone call, traveled thousands of miles across the ocean to me. I picked up those thoughts and that is why I kept thinking something big was going to happen.

Those of you who have pets may have noticed that before a family member arrives home, the pet goes to the door and stands there or lays down in anticipation of someone coming to the door. Pets can sense when a family member is coming. I myself use to have this, very same feeling before my children would come home from their Dad’s house. I would hear a car door. I would go to the window and check, but there was no car. I could not figure out where that sound came from. Then I started to take note. I would hear this sound only on the days my children were returning from their Dad and it was forty-five minutes before my children arrived home. Forty-five minutes was the time it would take to drive between the two houses. I know it was one or both of the children thinking about returning home as they got in the car and slammed the door shut.

Some call this intuition. How does this happen? How do these thoughts travel across miles? If we can send these kinds of thoughts then we need to look at the fact that holding negative thoughts, such as fear can affect us also.

I invite you to explore this site and use the affirmations, audio prayers, and audio hypnosis to enhance your peace of mind.

For more information about my findings regarding the Power of our Mind and Where is our Mind? go to Informative Tidbits.

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This is a site that will continue to grow and evolve, adding new prayers, affirmations, and hypnosis.